Book Unveils Creation Theory That Agrees with
Scientific Observations

Author offers most in-depth study of the Gap Theory in 40 years

The debate over creation vs. evolution has been raging for more than a century and a half with little evidence that Christians have won the hearts and minds, or the souls of evolutionists. While many Christian creationists have presented evidence that convinces other creationists, they have had too little impact on unbelievers, whose main objection to biblical creationism is based on the fact that some theories are not only unscientific, but also anti-scientific. That is why author Steven E. Dill, D.V.M., penned IN THE BEGINNINGS: The Story of the Original Earth, Its Destruction, and Its Restoration ($20.99, paperback, 978-1-60957-163-4) ($32.99, hardcover, 978-1-60957-323-2), a new release from Xulon Press. Within the pages of this book, Dr. Dill will provide a creation theory (the Gap Theory) that agrees with both scientific observations and biblical teachings.
"I hope the readers will gain an understanding that science and the Bible do not contradict each other," the author says. "Each is a revelation from God, and it is my belief that God is smart enough and powerful enough and sovereign enough to make His works and His words agree. This is important because belief in science has too often become a barrier to belief in God. My prayer is that this book will demolish that barrier."
Dr. Dill, who was an evolutionist both before and after he became a Christian, once believed there were many ways to reconcile the Bible with the theory of evolution. "I began my studies of evolution and creation with the firm belief that both the Bible and evolution were true," he explains. "It wasn’t until I discovered a great volume of scientific evidence disproving evolution that I began to question my own beliefs... I believe my book provides the most in-depth study of [the Gap Theory] in 40 years."
Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the world’s largest Christian publisher, with more than 7,000 titles published to date. Retailers may order In the Beginnings through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. IN THE BEGINNINGS is available online through, and
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